Shredding services

Protect your information! Shredding services are available

Any information found on these documents, which are important for a company, must never fall into the wrong hands, resorting is, therefore, usually at the destruction of documents, once they are no longer necessary and relevant for administration. Destruction of archives or documents which lost their importance for a company is essential for the security of information and the company Global Green assumes responsibility for the destruction of documents in a professional manner, in accordance with its customer wishes.

What are the key operations for efficient document destruction?

Because the destruction of archives and documents that are no longer important to the company, but that contain information relevant administrative points of view, an operation of destruction of these pieces of paper is essential and has to be produced professionally. Therefore, the company Green Global will see that:

  • All documents to be destroyed are taken at the company that appeals to Global Green; a member of the company will be able to follow the entire process of destruction of documents, from collection to disposal
  • Shredding archive is performed by Global Green only after receiving the approval from the National Archives by the company that wants the destruction of these documents, as required by the law in force
  • Shredding occurs in a confidential registry, to protect all relevant information in the documents to be destroyed
  • Destruction of archives will take place, depending on customer requirements, in strips or pieces and micro-fragments, to make it impossible to reconstitute documents already destroyed
  • All the destroyed documents will be, according to the law in force, processed through recycling, because the information in the documents destroyed to be removed, but the support to not be wasted

The shredding machines that the company Green Global has available make this removal process possible with a mix of professionalism and the proper technology.

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