Rent equipment and snow removal

Considering that due to the nature of the services provided by GREEN GLOBAL FUTURE, these machines are a necessity in certain situations, we decided to invest in this branch as well. Our current company can include in the offers sent to its clients services such as loading / unloading, excavation, crushing (broken concrete), demolition. But it also offers these above services to customers who only need these operations.

Transportation to your location and operator are included.

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  • BULDOEXCAVATOR Caterpillar 428F
  • Miniincarcator Caterpillar 216B
  • Excavator Caterpillar 326F
  • Graifer
  • Vola Caterpillar 966M
  • Concasor Metso J90”
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Escavator pentru deseuri si deszapeziri -
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Tractor de colectare deseuri -

Winter is coming? A snow removal company is at your disposal!

In Romania, delayed interventions of the local authorities are already in the moments when winter paralyzes any movement of the general population and urban traffic. From the moment the first snowflakes threaten the city, announcing a generous layer of snow for the day, there is a mess, resulting usually in an inefficient snow removal process, made in haste, not intuitive and proactive. There is, however, a solution embodied by professional snow removal companies, which ensure efficient cleaning of urban areas that need removing the excessive snow cover.

Snow removal company in Bucharest, Green Global, is directly interested in environmental problems, as can be seen from the display of the waste collection and recycle services, and offer their support in the critical moments of winter. Snow removal services consist of various forms of specific operations which basically removes the excess of accumulated snow, and ensures the maintenance of the cleaned areas by spreading substances with skid. We want a more active role in urban areas and snow removal services are just part of our range of services that Global Green offers to all its customers.

What does snow removal services mean for any urban area?

If we consider all snow removal processes, we conclude that it indeed requires professional snow removal services when access is compromised for both humans and machines. For this reason, the snow removal company in Bucharest, Green Global, is ready to intervene in the critical moments of the winter with snow removal services such as:

  • Cleaning snow in mechanized or manual mode, with special rates, depending on the capacity or the number of workers available
  • snow in special vehicles, in order to be transported and stored in special areas, obtaining thus complete removal of snow, without having to store it in important areas of transit
  • Spill of materials and skid substances immediately after snow removal service, to prevent the deposition of ice, as well as the generous layer of snow

Here are the most important types of snow removal services which Green Global enable all those who want a calm winter, without the inefficient process undertaken by local authorities.

What is the offer of a snow removal company in Bucharest?

Because there are already on the market, Green Global wants to differentiate itself from the competition through mechanical snow removal equipment modern, always prepared to handle any situation climate. These vans and vehicles include:

  • Excavators and bulldozers specially equipped for snow removal service to be fully ensured, regardless of climate and weather conditions
  • Snow blowers used to retrieve snow in areas that block pedestrians and vehicles and to remove it toward a neutral zone

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