Collection of glass wastes

Glass wastes collection – the step towards a civilization without millennial wastes

Glass wastes are part of a very extensive series of recyclable waste, ideal for taking part in transformation and reuse, not direct elimination. Glass is a widespread type of material, both in urban and in rural areas, and is used mainly in the food industry, as a premium package for different types of products, from soft drinks and alcohol, to specific preserved foods. Hermetically sealed bottles are among the best types of product packaging, because they do not influence in any way the quality of the product, ensuring long-term conservation.

Obviously, being used predominantly as package, once emptied of its content empty bottles become glass waste to be pre-collected in special places, without being mixed with household waste or those of another nature. Waste glass are among the most difficult types of biodegradable waste, studies indicating that a glass can reach several thousand years of longevity, before being assimilated by the environment. For this reason, the collection of waste glass becomes necessary, selectively, to be differentiated from the types of waste. Our company specialized in waste collection, Green Global, wants to ensure the efficient collection of waste glass, based on pre-collection made in advance by citizens and placing it in a process that aims continue recycling glass.

Why is the collection of glass waste important for the ecosystem?

All those who are daily in a position to throw glass waste they can ask questions related to the importance of collecting glass waste. Green Global joins all public awareness campaigns and credentials required by the Ministry of Environment and the National Environmental Protection Agency to draw attention to the importance of recycling every type of glass waste. Here are the most important reasons why collecting glass waste is a vital process for a cleaner environment as:

  • Collection of glass waste, especially one made selectively, prevents mixing with other types of waste which have a different destination
  • Collection of glass waste prevents their removal in a way that can damage the environment with their inability of biodegrading
  • The collection of glass waste is the first step to an effective recycling process for all types of wastes that will be reused as raw material for the production of new glass products, thus contributing to a better management of financial resources

These are some of the most important characteristics of the collection of waste glass, which integrates Global Green in his collection services of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Being a waste collection and management firm, Global Green wants this strategy to positively influence the process of recycling and eliminate the potential harm of the environment.

Our company aims aim to streamline the collection of waste glass, starting with waste pre-collection made possible by responsible citizens, to managing them effectively for recycling. Global Green waste collection of glass is ensured selectively, based on professional expertise of those who carry out this process, but also their transport using vehicles trucks, capable of safely carrying these wastes towards collection centers.

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