Collection of household waste

Household waste: the environment issue of the modern man!

Household waste are among the most common types of waste that we produce in everyday activities, and among the most important in terms of quantity, that are part of the family of municipal and similar wastes. Refuse collection can be effective only if the pre-collection based on empowering citizens, is done in a qualitative way. Virtually no pre-collection base, such as placing garbage in special areas designated for each type of household waste in part or household waste collection done selectively for correct processing cannot be done effectively.colectarea deseurilor menajere

Green Global thinks about the environmental issue and offers their professional services management of all types of waste, including household waste. Processes for collecting household waste is very important for effective management of these types of waste, and starting with the pre-collection in special containers, household waste passing through various stages. Starting from collection and transportation, to methods of treatment, disposal and recycling, recycling is another vital component of the process of collecting household waste, but this process can be found in the special category waste recycling.

What is the household waste and how can we measure its impact on the environment?

Although there is no exact definition of household waste, due to their large variety, they can be classified as household and street wastes. In each house or office building, every space where there is at least one garbage bin, there are household wastes that need to be pre-collected efficiently. Mainly, the most common material that makes up household waste are:

  • Paper – perhaps the most popular form of household waste, used in absolutely all areas and by the general population, in various forms, and to be recycled, where household waste is not hazardous
  • Carton – used in the most common form, the packaging, the household waste is another large category, characterized by high volume and huge possibility of recycling
  • Metals – again, a very popular category of household waste generally found in packaging supplies, as preserved, but also in many other forms of various types of ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Food scraps – these household wastes are part of a special category, the waste coming from households and street garbage bins and also from the organic elements that are lagging behind the food flow
  • Organic scraps – a general category, which includes food debris, but especially household waste in the form of plant and animal residues that must be disposed of safely
  • Scrap wood – all kinds of household waste which have as constituent his wood in any form, from mundane toothpicks, various large boxes used in commercial industry

As mentioned above, the collection of household waste is a sign of a civilized society and a strong civic sense. For this reason, Green Global wants to make available the services of any urban area which is considering pre-selection a way to manage household waste effectively and according to the law in force imposed by the Ministry of Environment and the National Environmental Protection Agency.

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