Collection of non-hazardous waste

The collection of non-hazardous waste is a must! How harmful can these wastes be?

As their name already states, non-hazardous wastes are all the types of scrap which do not have an impact on the environment and of those who live in it. Although they seem harmless, these types of wastes must be involved in a thorough process of collecting the non-hazardous waste, just as all the other types of waste, which are more or less harmful to ecosystems. The biggest problem with these types of non-hazardous waste, which are generally biodegradable and do not pollute terrestrial, aquatic or atmospheric medium, is the potent mixture with the hazardous waste.

Here it comes to the process of social responsibility which must include advice on pre-collection efficiency, to ensure that the administration and the collection of non-hazardous waste occur in the same non-hazardous manner. Our company, Green Global, offers its services for the efficient collection of hazardous wastes and their management, for all the responsible citizens who want to live in a clean and a less harmful environment as it can be where wastes do not belong.

What does the collection of non-hazardous waste mean?

Just as the rest of the wastes of any type whatsoever, non-hazardous wastes pass through a process equally important to manage. For us, here, at Green Global, any process for the collection of non-hazardous waste is treated with the same professionalism and seriousness like all the management of hazardous or toxic wastes. The basic process which we put into practice in the field of non-hazardous waste is as it follows:

  • As a result of the responsible pre-collection carried out by the citizens, Global Green starts the process for the collection of non-hazardous wastes, to selectively choose from different types of waste
  • After we have made sure that the wastes are truly non-hazardous, prepare their transport by vehicles specially built for collecting the waste from the containers in which they were pre-collected
  • Depending on the type of non-hazardous waste, we prepare the process treatment, to decide what should be eliminated and what can be recycled
  • The disposal methods shall be made in accordance with the updated law imposed by the Ministry of Environment and the National Agency for the Protection of the Environment, in order not to influence in any way the ecosystem
  • The methods of recycling consist in the process of reintroducing the non-hazardous waste, as a result of the specific treatment and as a result of special methods of analysis, which determines the potential for recycling of these types of waste

Green Global concentrates its full attention on the collection of non-hazardous waste and their effective management, but not everything is a matter of efficiency, but also a matter of being a responsible citizen. Professional services for the collection and management of non-hazardous waste start from the simple waste disposal in the right place without being mixed with hazardous waste, which would influence the ideal process for their management.

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