Collection of plastic wastes

The plastic wastes are almost non-degradable! How to proper manage them?

The plastic has generated in the past two decades, in equal measure, marvels and polemics. A miracle material, malleable, tough enough and cheap, plastic caught the attention of each area, and in a short time, every industry would rely on it, beginning with the use of plastic for packaging, up to the point of using it as a construction material, under various forms. The conflicts generated by plastic are the result of different problems related to the plastic wastes, which inevitably have come to form, due to its use in the mass-production.

The main problems related to the plastic started from questioning the way in which he may or may not be degradable. The fact that the plastic has a great non-degradable potential has generated studies and appeared in figures, statistics and experiments, which resulted in a dramatic conclusion: thrown simply in the terrestrial environment, plastic is degradable only in a very long time, approximately centuries or even millennia, according to the shape and the type of plastic waste. For this reason, companies specialized in collecting the plastic wastes, like Green Global, have decided together with the Ministry of the Environment and with the National Agency for the Protection of the Environment, to ensure the proper management of the plastic wastes.

Which are the most commonly known types of plastic wastes?

The products made from plastic of today are the plastic wastes of tomorrow! This mass-production of plastic is normal, because this material is used for many consumables, like bottled juices, mineral waters, alcoholic beverages and other types of liquid and solid ingredients which have the physical form required to fit in them. Being very cheap, this type of packaging has the monopoly of the consumer market and transforms very quickly in plastic waste. Which are the several types of plastic waste? Here are just a few:

  • Plastic used as packaging for the various types of drinks
  • Polyethylene with different densities, from the most fragile toward the most resistant
  • PVC used in constructions
  • Scrap of production, boxes and various types of rollers

Our company, Green Global, aims to a normal process of waste management of plastic, so the non-degradable plastic should not be allowed to have a dangerous potential of the environment. To ensure that the management of plastic is effective, Green Global has a very well-founded strategy, beginning with the plastic waste collection stage and up to the time where plastic is prepared for recycling. By selective pre-collection, all plastic wastes are separated from the rest of non-hazardous and dangerous waste and are prepared for the collection and transport.

After the collection, plastic wastes follow the methods of treatment to remove all traces of hazardous substances which might endanger the re-entry into the circuit of plastic materials.

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