Collection of textile wastes

You have many old clothes? Learn how to become a responsible citizen by collecting textile wastes!

We all have in our closets a number of clothing items physically or morally worn out. They tend to get impossible to dress and after a general cleaning they simply become textile waste. Even if the initial impulse is to simply throw them, together with household waste, it is indicated a process of pre-collection in the special areas designed for this type of waste.

The Green Global company ensures that all these types of materials are passing through an efficient process of collecting textile wastes, so they can be reused in industry. Although the textile waste is not part of the public awareness campaigns in Romania, which mark recyclable waste such as plastic, paper, cardboard, glass or metal, they should not be processed along with other household wastes and disposed to the garbage dumps. Even if the textile wastes do not have the same effect over the environment in the same way as hazardous wastes do, through an efficient waste collection process, textiles can be recycled and reintroduced as the raw material of clothes.

What is the purpose of the collection of textile waste?

First, the collection of textile waste aims to separate them from the rest of the types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste formed at the level of a modern society. Secondly, through this process of textile waste collection and management of their highlights is how they can be reused in the same industry, items of clothing, or in industries such as construction and automotive. Here are some other reasons that make the collection of textile waste a necessity:

  • Textile waste are, in an overwhelming proportion of over 90%, reusable in the same form or as raw material for other clothing items
  • Textile waste cannot be just recycled, but even worn again, through raising donations for those in need of clothes, even the old and obsolete ones, that may be part of charity
  • By very well calibrated recycling techniques, textile waste can be easily converted into ideal elements for future garb, depending upon the nature and degree of weariness

Although they are far less visible than other types of waste, textile waste these can contribute enormously to a satisfactory flow between the former and future owners of these clothing items. Global Green provide waste collection centres from special textile collection and transportation to the recycling stations, where they are treated and ready to be put under any form, again in use.

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