Recycling electronic

Recycling electronic waste and the need to protect the environment

In this era of technology we all use, in one way or another, electronic products, and electrical appliances. Whether it’s your mobile phone and computer, we use them every day. Whether it’s your washing machine, refrigerator and iron, or tools that run on electricity, these are all ways that make us happy in life. Few people know, however, that these products may complicate our life and even affect our health. No, it’s not about overusing them, but their end of the cycle.

Former electronics, electrical and home appliances become waste much faster today. They have a potential to harm the environment, and consequently our health if not properly managed and processed. One of the most stable solutions for the management of these types of waste is recycling electronics and electrical appliances, a solution that enters in the vast category of waste recycling. As a company authorized by the National Agency for Environmental Protection, we offer e-waste recycling services designed to ensure their reinstatement in manufacturing industry, for minimal cost and maximum potential for environmental protection.

Why is it important recycling of waste electronic and electrical appliances?

Probably many of us have thrown at least once in a lifetime batteries in the trash, or another type of electronic product, or electric appliance, due to malfunction or because it had been replaced.. This procedure is, unfortunately, one that greatly affects the environment, because these components will be taken along with other household wastes, and will be subject to a completely wrong removal process. That is why the following is very important for all types of waste recycling of electronic waste and electrical appliances:

  • Recycling electronic waste prevents conversion electronics in environmentally hazardous waste, because of the many harmful substances that enter their composition, such as lead, chlorine, carbon, bromine, chromium, fluoride, halogens and mercury, potentially harmful to all forms of environment mediums
  • Recycling electronics has benefits in economic terms, that is based on reintroducing normal flow of all electronic waste in the manufacture of new products in the form of raw materials, components or as whole
  • Recycling appliances lead to better use of the parts used in large appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators, and avoiding environmental damage by substances specific to each appliance in hand

All these are reasons that contribute essentially to the recycling of electronic waste, which we, the people at Green Global, want to put into practice through a modern management of these types of waste.

Because electronics recycling is an important process for environmental protection, Global Green proposes a special strategy for its efficiency. It all starts with the awareness of the dangers of this waste electronic and electrical appliances and selectively differentiate from all the other household wastes. We ensure both their collection and transportation, and preparation for recycling electronic waste, so they have some better management and a reintroduction in a normal recycle procedure.

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