Recycling glass

Glass recycling is the first step towards an environment free of non-biodegradable waste

Glass is a basic element of our lives, especially in recent decades, when it became a material used in many areas, due to how easy it is made and the cheaper price. Of course, the bottle we meet in everyday life is predominant, mainly because it’s on the shelves in the form of containers for various spirits and soft drinks. Given that these types of glass containers containing liquid consumables, they quickly turn into glass waste, after the consumption of its content.

Waste glass is a very sensitive part of the famous series of recyclable waste (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metals), on which various public awareness campaign for these types of waste are extraordinarily widespread. Because the collection of these types of waste has to be made selectively, leading step by step, by recycling, they have created bins, differentiated through colour and printed so that the people could exercise the pre-collection process. Our company, Green Global, ensures the glass recycling process, following the circuit in pre-collection phase until the final recycling and processing into reusable raw materials.

What is the influence of glass waste on the environment and should we recycle it?

It is known that glass is a bad influence on the environment, given that it is one of the most difficult degradable material types, recent studies demonstrating that even millennia can pass before the glass will be assimilated naturally, others say it’s comes even more than that number of years and the amount reaches hundreds of thousands.

Therefore, recycling of glass is a necessary process that is based on a few simple motivations, such as:

  • The quality of recycled glass is not diminished, regardless of the number of cycles
  • Glass recycling leads to better saving raw material from which this material is made, thereby contributing to an economic advantage due to the manufacturing process
  • Recycling bottles is recommended to avoid combining with other types of waste that could result in improper disposal methods thereof, and subjecting the glass to high temperature incineration
  • By recycling glass we avoid crowding landfills and the formation of so-called mountains of waste that pollutes the ecosystem that we live in.

These are just some of the many advantages that glass recycling has on the environment, and thus of humans and living beings populating it. For this reason, Global Green wants the glass recycling process to be an effective one, watching it from the pre-collection stages and to the point of it being reused as a raw material in the manufacturing process.

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