Recycling plastics

Plastic is a non-degradable element! How does plastic recycling help?

Our company, Green Global, wishes that plastics recycling has become the second nature to citizens responsible for it, once waste, not to gather in landfills so widespread throughout the country, but to get to be reintroduced into circulation. The process is not very complicated, and the rules imposed by the Ministry of Environment and the National Environmental Protection Agency, it is even encouraged, because this waste which does not arrive in a plastic recycling process can have very serious consequences on the ecosystem.

What is the influence of plastic waste on the environment and why it is plastics recycling useful?

Plastic waste is a very important proportion of all recyclable waste, along with paper, cardboard and metal. For this reason, it is desirable for any responsible citizen to eliminate it in special places such as containers with a distinct colour to get to be inserted into a plastic recycling program. Otherwise, its effects are disastrous:

  • Plastic is non-degradable under natural conditions, requiring centuries to millennia even for it to be completely absorbed by the environment
  • The plastic is not collected selectively to be placed in a plastic recycling process, likely to be disposed of with other waste by classical methods, such as incineration, which produces toxins very harmful to the atmospheric environment
  • Plastic consume a lot of oil annually to be produced, because it is a chemical synthesis of this natural fuel. This affects annual oil deposits naturally, so easily removed by simply recycling plastic

Here are some ways that plastic waste can adversely affect the environment if not undergo plastic recycling, due to efficient management of waste from this material. Our company, Green Global, ensure that plastic waste is collected selectively, and that it is transported, sorted, handled and stored, ready to re-enter again in a circuit of production, without losing the quality of the material.

What are the steps required to effectively recycle plastic?

Because plastics recycling to occur effectively, citizen engagement is necessary and responsible for selective pre-collection stage. This process basically waste plastic is differentiated from other types of waste, and will be collected by a specialized company such as Global Green. After collection and transport, are receiving their treatment and preparation of plastic waste plastic recycling process. If this process takes place in an effective, then plastics recycling will be a success, and this material may revert to a normal manufacturing process, which will harness its full potential.

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