Recycling plastic bottles

Why is recycling plastic bottles so important and how we relate to it?

Bottles are among the most easily recognizable types of waste today, and public awareness campaigns have ensured that they will be easily spotted by all responsible citizens and placed in the recycling process of plastic bottles. These types of plastic waste are easily recognizable because they are basically containers for water, soft drinks, spirits and other liquids from hypermarkets. Plastic bottles waste problem began to develop from the moment they began to be mass-produced, due to the exhaustive demands of the supermarkets, where most soft drinks are packaged in plastic bottles. Being very easy to buy, plastic bottles came to multiply and to be treated with increasing indifference, and soon became an important source of waste.

That is what has occurred thus the need for recycling of plastic bottles, which arrived in large quantities in landfills and that, through the process of elimination classics such as incineration, greatly polluted atmosphere. That biodegradation became another reason for the recycling of plastic bottles, and has been adopted as a project of national interest for the development of a healthy environment. The collection and recycling firm, Green Global, acknowledged the problem of recycling of plastic bottles, and turned it into a service we offer to help create a clean ecosystem.

How can plastic bottles destroy the environment and why their recycling is mandatory?

Being virtually plastic waste, plastic bottles require centuries to millennia for their natural assimilation. Because recycling of plastic bottles cannot take place without the involvement of responsible citizens, there are some steps that each of those wishing to recycle plastic bottles must comply:

  • Recycling bottles starts by pre-selection of these types of plastic bottles, and for this stuff to happen effectively, there are special spaces, marked by some dumpsters chromatically different, scattered in cities, where bottles are thrown in without mixing them with the rest of the waste
  • The volume of plastic bottles do not adversely affect the process of recycling plastic bottles, require removing the plug and expel air from them to fit in special gathering deposits
  • Because these types of waste can participate effectively in the process of recycling plastic bottles, it is necessary not just to expel air from them, but also clean them of impurities

Our company, Green Global, wants to recycle plastic bottles, starting from these types of selective collection of waste plastic recycling until the action itself. Green Global is planning not only putting into practice the recycling process, but also the awareness of the potential dangers that these types of plastic bottles represent.

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