Collection of recyclable waste

Recyclable waste – the natural cycle of products

The recycling of waste is a modern practice, vital for the circuit of all products in nature. There is a principle that provides a simple motto for consumerism: the product of today is the waste of tomorrow. Taking into account that the general population is in a perpetual process of purchasing new things, and the old ones have come to be disposed of, whether we speak of supplies and waste, as well as the plastic, paper and metal, whether this is about the electronic waste, appliances and electrical wiring.

Recyclable wastes are, therefore, a way to ensure the proper reviving process for any product, which may reach, depending on the type of recyclable waste, again a product ready to use as it is the case of the glass bottles and the plastic, or raw materials and components that can be used for the new products that will be made. The Green Global company believes in the potential of recyclable waste and offers its services for the collection of recyclable waste and the management which ensures a productive recycling cycle.

What are recyclable wastes and why are they vital for a modern society?

Recyclable wastes are the type of waste which may be reintroduced in a circuit of production as itself or as a raw material for other new products. By collecting recyclable waste, Green Global contribute to the maintenance of a future environment, lacking the classic garbage dumps or wastes disposed of in natural habitats, where they degrades in a very long time with consequences that may affect the whole ecosystem. The collection of recyclable waste begins with the selective pre-collection of various types of recyclable waste, in order for there to be always a differentiation between them. For this to occur in a civilized way, it is necessary to know the main types of recyclable waste, of which they are part of the following:

  • The normal household waste, which include many types of waste from various materials, focusing in particular on specific activities offices
  • Non-hazardous wastes, which are inserted, usually, in numerous other subcategories to help pre-collecting them. From this point of view, those types of waste are part of the most known categories: paper, card, metal, plastic and glass
  • Electronic waste, electrical and household appliances, involving both interface cards specific to each type of equipment and the actual equipment which come to be discarded when it gets morally and physically worn

All of those above can be placed in the category of recyclable waste, which is distinguishable from those which cannot be recycled, because they are potentially harmful for man and nature.

What is the plan for the collection of recyclable waste put in practice by Global Green?

In order to be profitable, the collection of recyclable waste put into practice by our company, Green Global, is based and with the support of the citizens of the people responsible in each city in the party which he wants us to take care of the collection of recyclable waste. Through a thorough pre-collection process, i.e. by disposing of recyclable waste in the spaces that are specially designed, as well as containers with different colours, the collection of recyclable waste becomes much more efficient for our company. Thus, we can ensure that all of these types of recyclable waste pass through the normal processes of collection, transport, storage and recycling, meant to turn each waste into a raw material with reusable proprieties

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