Collection of industrial waste

Is it important to collect industrial waste for the environment? An uncontaminated world is a cleaner world!

Industrial waste represents a risk factor for the entire civilized world! Evolution of industry led to the formation of industrial facilities with a phenomenal production capacity and the amount of waste as it is in the present. Romania is a heavily industrialized country, but unfortunately, waste management industries do not receive increased attention as well as technological processes that bring profit and which must be conducted in a continuous rhythm! Therefore, in addition to public awareness campaigns, which are designed to draw attention to the dangers of these industrial wastes, there need to be managers for all existing waste.

Our company, Green Global, aims at putting into practice all these rules, starting at empowering citizens and reach the collection and processing of industrial waste, without any impact to the environment. Industrial wastes are varied and their potential toxicity ecosystem differs, depending on the nature of the industry in which it arises. For this reason, here at Green Global, we take care that the selective collection of industrial waste to separate those dangerous non-hazardous, and according to this potentially harmful, eliminate them effectively or put back into circulation as raw material industries.

What are industrial wastes and what is the potential harmfulness to the ecosystem?

Industrial wastes are mainly obtained through debris of a technological process of every kind, from those obtained by changing raw material to various types of equipment, fuel and residues which are obtained after the industrial process. Depending on the type of industry, there are many types of industrial wastes, such as those from metal manufacturers and wood products, paper manufacturing, beverage, food or tobacco. There are many other numerous types of industries that produce waste, but these are among the most widespread and producing millions of tons of waste each year on continental level. Their impact on the environment, according to their harmfulness, the following:

  • Pollution of the terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric medium through residues obtained by the influence of industrial waste on these natural environments. All substances and harmful elements such as heavy metals, sulphates, chlorides and nitrates, and substances burned incompletely, as in the case of metallurgy, are extremely dangerous and can leach very simple in soil or groundwater, contributing to pollution progressive.
  • Meeting all these types of industrial wastes in one space, usually called landfill or garbage dump, where various types of waste are treated undifferentiated being processed without a selection in advance, destroying the chances of recycling, as well as the protection environment.
  • Destroying the harmony of the ecosystem by creating such landfills, where industrial wastes are deposited together with the other types of pollution that substantially contribute all three environments: soil, water and air.

To avoid all these complications, industrial waste must be managed responsibly and professionally by a company like Global Green. Our services include collection, transport and industrial waste management in a way that ecosystem has suffered and recycling is ensured in situations that permit.

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