Recycling textile

Textile recycling or fashion recycling?

Textiles have a long history, ever since it was discovered that the use of certain plant species can lead to complex and resistant fabrics, which were intended to cover and warm the body. Today, modern trends have evolved and clothing items are true mottos personality who portrays certain kinds of clothes and a manifestation of personal preferences of our goals in life. However, even today, cloth, be it a material for clothes, bed linens or simply for fabrics that cover certain items, wear-and- tear, transform into textile waste.

Textile wastes are a direct result of the degradation of textiles, be it physical degradation by wear long or sudden aging, such as tearing, or moral decay, like the exit from current trends. For this reason, there are a significant number of textile wastes, which get eliminated along with other types of waste, such as household waste, for example. For this reason, the need for the textile recycling process is essential for reusing all these types of textile for production purposes.

Why is textile recycling important?

Textile recycling is a less known and implemented recycling category, at least on Romanian territory. Over time, there were a few campaigns which targeted all types of old clothes, morally or physically worn, to be restored in a duty cycle by recycling textiles. Here are some direct results of textile recycling:

  • Reuse of fabrics for clothing products industry, making the economy produce a completely new material
  • Recycling of textile and humanitarian campaigns can help by offering clothes that are going to be used by certain social categories
  • Recycling textile waste prevents mixing with them with wastes of other nature, protecting the environment from any form of pollution that would result from elimination

Green Global intends that the recycling of textile has to be a part of a comprehensive process of public awareness, to frame and this category of waste on the list of those who must return in the production process, instead of being removed and thus wasted.

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