Collection of hazardous waste

How do we protect the hazardous waste? Steps to a better management

It is well known that wastes have a negative impact upon the environment. One thing less known, however, is the fact that there are a few categories of hazardous wastes much more harmful than the mere household wastes or street, which must be managed with a lot of attention. Among these types of hazardous wastes, there are some, which have a strong impact upon the environment, because they have in their composition, some substances that are toxic to humans and the ecosystems in which they live.

Our company, Green Global, offers its services of special collection, transport and management of hazardous wastes so that they would not have the opportunity to influence in any way the general population or the environment. Of course, a process of pre-collection the hazardous waste, based on the latest rules of law in force, is mandatory, so that the process of collecting the hazardous wastes continues with the transport and their management.

Which are the main categories of hazardous wastes and which is their impact on the ecosystem?

Here are the most important categories of hazardous waste:

  • The explosive wastes, capable, under certain conditions, like a spark or a physical shock, to produce an explosion with lethal potential
  • The oxidizing and corrosive wastes, substances which cause strong reactions on a surface level, with disastrous effects for man and environment
  • The flammable and highly flammable wastes, marked as types of scrap which have the chance to combust at the shallowest spark and which may cause terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric contamination
  • The irritant, harmful and toxic wastes, capable of affecting the epidermal level, but also internally, affecting the pipes of all living beings
  • The carcinogenic wastes, those which have the potential of inducing cancer in case they come into contact with living beings
  • The infectious wastes, usually those originating from the health industry and which spread across the risk of infection
  • Mutagenic wastes, that may change the genes of the DNA, leading to severe malformations, directly or to the next generations, in the case of wastes toxic for reproduction
  • Ecotoxic wastes, with a potential damage to the environment, as soon as it comes into direct contact with it and with damaging influences in the long run

There are other many types of hazardous wastes rules, which are enforced by the law and which should be managed in an appropriate way and then destroyed without any danger to man or the environment. This company specialized in the collection of hazardous wastes can able to provide that through the services they offer to ensure the collection of hazardous waste, the transport of hazardous wastes and their management, using experienced personnel and trucks specially designed for this kind of transport of hazardous waste.

What are the steps for a more efficient management of hazardous waste?

Being part of the companies for the collection of hazardous waste, Green Global follows the procedures enforced by the Ministry of Environment and the National Agency for the protection of the environment and ensures that follows these steps:

  • The collection of hazardous waste, i.e., movement in the area of pre-collection and the preparation for transport
  • The carriage of hazardous waste, i.e. the movement, itself, of hazardous waste from the collection centres in the treatment areas
  • The treatment of hazardous waste in accordance to the law in force, which imposes certain procedures specific to each category of hazardous wastes
  • The management of hazardous wastes, which involves their destruction in ideal conditions without endangering in any way the life and health of human beings and of the ecosystem they live in.

The management of hazardous wastes is essential for a healthy environment and here, at Green Global, we make sure we follow all the fundamental steps of this process!

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